Sunday, 1 December 2013

Kali Sadhana Day 12

Having had a very restless night with my son, who's a bit under the weather, I didn't have much time to spare after a catch-up nap.  Still, before my MIL arrived for a visit, I managed to call a circle, practice yoga for 36 minutes silently chanting to Kali, and sit a little after, though without chanting.  In the evening, once my son was in bed, I squeezed in a 10 minute chanting meditation, which felt helpful - it had been a stressful day.

I also drew a card for the day from the Oracle of the Shapeshifters (Beyond Words, 2013 - US Edition): Dragonling Garden - A new world is born.  One thing I see in this is the need to nurture my son today.  At a different level, though, I see it referring to a new project.

After yesterday's session with the acrylics, I realise that they will take quite a bit of practice, experimentation and learning.  They also require some time for prep and clean-up.  So, I'll carry on with that painting when I have larger chunks of time available.

I'd still like to do something, and expand my skill set, though.  Someone suggested watercolour pencils, a medium I've never used but which, in being pencil, seems like it might be a bit more within my comfort zone.  And it can also be done in short bursts.  I'm hoping that this will open up a new world of possibilities…

My first project is a red hibiscus flower, dedicated to Kali.  I started drawing it this evening, but don't have time to finish it off.  Still, it was fun, and I hope it'll look quite nice at the end - I hear watercolour is a little more forgiving than acrylics ;)


  1. I don't exactly agree with that. Acrylics are more easy to correct when you make mistakes. When dry, you can paint over it and try again. as with watercolor that isn't possible' You can only paint darker over lighter colors. I hope this makes sense. If you would like to try those pencils I would advise you to make small drawings (A5 or something like that). I hope you don't mind my interfering :) I just wish you have a happy experience with your drawing and painting
    I am sorry your son isn't feeling well
    Hugs and have a good night

    1. Thanks for the advice and suggestions, Ellen. And I know what you mean about watercolour, as you also can't blend opposing colours, either. Still, I hope I'll be able to manage something that I feel is pretty in a shorter time - might not be as detailed as acrylic, but it will *flow* And yes, I started my hibiscus flower on a little A5 pad :)

    2. It is certainly less of a mess.
      Happy drawing!

  2. If you've only got a little time on your hands, watercolor pencils sound like a good option. An artist friend sent me a small set to play around with, and all you need is the pencils, paper, and a paintbrush to dip in water. My friend also uses her colored pencils to highlight or darken areas when she finishes. Watercolor is lovely because it has a such a dreamy appearance to me. Hope your little fellow feels better soon!