Saturday, 7 December 2013

Kali Sadhana Day 18

Image by Kaian
Didn't manage to get to my altar and my yoga mat until this afternoon.  Still, it felt good to call a circle and practice (only 25 minutes, this time).  And chanting filled me with energy again :)

I shuffled my Oracle of the Shapeshifters (Beyond Words, 2013) very thoroughly, until a card fell out.  Once again, it was Artemis of the Forest!  Today, instead of thinking about freedom, it brought to mind the question of independence.

In many ways, I feel I have long been quite independent.  Preferring to find my own way than to follow "authority", whatever that may be.  Living in various countries, sometimes on my own, sometimes with a partner.  Often following my own ideas and desires in terms of projects.

And yet, fundamentally, like Artemis in the forest with the woodland creatures, we are all interconnected.  We need all kinds of people to help us live, from the people who drive the trucks to fill our supermarket shelves, to those who create art that inspires us and our imagination.  The notion of independence is, in many ways, an illusory one.

So, while I think it is good to be independent - honouring myself and my choices - it also feels important to honour my connection to the rest of the world, to the people, plants and animals in it :)


  1. "No man [or woman] is an island"... :)


    1. Interesting! Not sure how much I agree with some of the points. Like, I'm not sure we all have a unique gift to give. Lots of us could just offer the same gift in slightly different ways. That may be splitting hairs, but I think it comes from my sense that we don't have a single soulmate, either. That we could match with quite a few people, but hey, the world is a big place, so you're still lucky to meet with one of those in a given lifetime… :)