Friday, 20 December 2013

Of Chanting, Yoga and Hermits

On Saturday, I sat and chanted without doing any yoga first.  Just calling the circle, then a mala of Om Krim Kalikaye Namaha, and two malas of Jai Kali Ma.  I found my thoughts wandering a lot.  Not sure if that was because I was out of my home environment, away from my sacred space.  Could also have been because I was meditating just before dinner time! :D

On Sunday, I practised yoga while silently chanting, for a total of 41 minutes.  It's interesting, my mind wandered a lot less, and I'm not sure if it's because of the focus on the body and breath that is more enveloping than just the chanting.  Could also have been because I was back to a morning practice, which I generally feel suits me better.

Since then, I haven't managed to do yoga or chant, until this morning.  Waking early, and having trouble sleeping, I got up and did both at around 5am.  It felt really good, and got me thinking about why I haven't been doing so all week.  The main thing is time - between preparing for Christmas and my son being in hospital for 2 days, my time really was limited.  I didn't exercise at all one day, and ate a lot of food from sandwich shops  (breakfast, lunch and dinner one day) so even what I'd consider the basics weren't really being covered.

It's strange, when I don't follow my path, I also don't tend to write on here.  And so, I thought about the connection between feeling like a Hermit in the positive and negative senses.  For me, the Hermit is about an inner seeking, and something I enjoy and aspire to.  Yet, there is also the (potentially) negative sense of cutting oneself off from other people.  And bizarrely, it is when I am Hermit-like that I actually connect with like-minded others here on the interwebs.   Real life, though, with its demands, gets in the way of both of those.  I hope I'll find more time for myself, and for my path, after the craziness of Christmas.


  1. Just being a mom means having less time to focus on yourself, but add in the holidays and it can really bite into your time too. Some days all I can do is meditate while I'm sitting in waiting rooms or standing in lines. Often Thích Nhất Hạnh's meditation (Breathing in I calm my mind, breathing out I smile; dwelling in the present moment, I know it is a wonderful moment.) is all I squeeze in. Be gentle with yourself! Hope your son is doing better.

  2. I agree with Sycamore. These hectic days you have to savor the little time periods you can set aside for yourself. Even if it is only a minute or two.These practices are gifts to yourself, not mandatory daily chores. Be as caring and kind to yourself as you would be to someone else who needed your love and attention. I hope BB is doing well!