Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cauldron, Candle and Spell

I haven't spent much time at my altar, but I did surf around for a cauldron.  It now stands on my altar, bigger than I was expecting.  It can also hold a tea light, but that would put it on the side of fire, rather than water.  So, I shall just keep its lid on - allowing the emotions I feel to fill this container, more of them than I expected, but at least vaguely under control.  Yep, that about sums up my week!

As you might also notice, I also found a candle for Litha, which I couldn't resist.  It has a citrine inside, so the idea is that you gather solar energy into the crystal by burning the candle, and then use the crystal in a ritual - nice :)

Anyhow, I also channelled some of those overflowing emotions into creating a Lenormand spell.  There's been some really nasty stuff going on at work, underhand dealings, feuds, lies.  So, I chose these Lenormand cards to describe a little the situation, but more especially where I would like to see things go.

Key, Heart, Tower, House/Moon, Bear, Whips, Paths/Scythe, Book, Birds, Lily

The Bear is the manager who I hope will be able to bring some clarity and kinder emotions back into the situation (Key/Heart), as she has a good reputation (Moon).  The Whips is the younger fellow who is causing all the problems (though he does have some justification, he was poorly treated in the past by the old boss, the Tower, and is now being treated poorly by his father, and some other father-figures, the House).  I'm hoping he will choose peace, rather than following in his father's footsteps (House/Paths/Lily).  And I want to see a clean break with all the secrecy and underhand dealings (Scythe/Book), replaced by peace through clear communication (Birds/Lily).

I chose these cards intentionally, using my understanding of the situation and what I feel it needs.  Problem-solving is the reason for this reading, and hence the Key is the first card.  I then worked with the notion of thoughts above, and actions from past to future at the bottom left to right.  For example, I actually chose the Tower and the House to represent thinking about the good of the company as a whole, and being family-oriented.  This is one of the powers of the cards, and of visual images: they hold more than one meaning!

I was delighted to see that reading the corners suggests that the key to peace can be found in breaking with father-figures, or perhaps also harvesting his own sense of being a father-figure.  I think that, if this younger chap could be persuaded not to see himself as a down-trodden child, but as a figure of security for others, his resentment would drop and he might be more reasonable.

I call this a Lenormand spell, as it creates a visual way to understand the situation and the people involved, and also acts as an aid to setting intentions for change.  There is little I can do directly, but understanding the people and situation better may help me to nudge things a little, and think about how to frame what needs to be said to better suit the emotions involved.  I will also do a cleansing ritual for the younger chap, which is one way I read the Whips card - a need for cleansing to remove anger and tension.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

New Moon Chakra Reading

Yay, this month I actually managed to draw and post my New Moon reading on time!  I decided to use the Chakra Wisdom Oracle (Watkins, 2014), as I liked the idea that, as well as offering insights into what I should Release and Embrace for this lunation, it would also suggest which chakras I should focus on.  The companion book also offers meditations, we'll see whether I get around to those…

Anyway, the energy I need to release is that of Balance.  I see here once again the message to stop trying so hard to make things okay for everyone around me (same as last month's 'Sacrifice').

It's true that I've been doing quite a lot of that, perhaps to my own detriment.  I've had mastitis, with a high temperature, but my first worry was that it was something infectious I'd give to one of my boys.  And after that, though the advice is to rest, I was still taking care of everyone, worrying that my DH would get overburdened.  He finally said that he was happy to take on the baby for a bit and that I should go rest - what a sweetie.  The point, though, is that putting myself first, or even second or third, comes hard!

As for what to embrace, this is a lovely card connected with the heart chakra, and titled Perception.  I like the little butterflies and the beautiful, glowing green stone.  To me it suggests embracing a new perception of myself and my life.  I have to admit, weighed down by the 'injustice' of trying to keep everyone else happy when I'm feeling run down, ill and tired, I haven't been feeling as loving as I'd like. A reminder, then, that the more love I can be open to both giving and receiving, the more I shall feel like this lass: happy and surrounded by potential and joy.

I see here a recommendation to do some heart-centred meditation, and to resume my daily gratitude practice, which has also fallen by the wayside of late.

It's interesting, this deck has quite a lot of 'negative' cards for an 'angel' deck (those people in Balance look so grumpy!)  Yet, I rather like that - we need angelic help and chakra balancing precisely for the troubles that we face in life...

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Lenormand Reading on Water

I've been thinking about what I wrote before: not having much water on my altar, nor any additional "watery" supplies.  In the last week or so, I've tried to make Water more of a focus, chanting to Yemaya often when rocking or feeding my baby.  I've also been thinking about what water means to me.  I'm sure drinking enough of it, needing to keep my milk supply going!  On a metaphorical level, though, it's to do with emotions.  

Astrologically, I am a mix of Air and Earth in the main: Gemini sun sign, Gemini ascendant, Capricorn moon.  I aspire to the creativity, passion and dynamism of Fire, but must admit that Watery emotions sometimes flummox me.  I'm not too bad at talking about my emotions (air and water), but not always great at figuring out what my emotions are…

Anyhow, I decided to turn to the cards to look at what I can do to improve my relationship to the element of water.  Once again I drew from an app, this time the Under the Roses Lenormand.  Apps are so much easier than cards when I seem to hardly ever have both hands free!

Ship - at the centre is my soul's journey.  Plenty of water all around, but I tend to float on top of it, rather than diving in.

Crossroads/Dog/Heart/Clouds - the theme of the reading is choosing to be faithful to emotional uncertainty.  So, I have to commit to sitting with the wishy-washiness of water.

Whips/Stars/Letter/Cross - what will bring movement to this situation: repetition spreads tangible spirituality.  At first I thought of zentangling, it's repetitive and "written".  However, I think I need to do something that will guide me to a tangible understanding of what water means to me, and what my emotions are.  Perhaps journalling and poetry on the subject...

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Two Lenormand Readings

Last week, I decided to do a Lenormand reading on three related projects I'm working on.  Drawing 9 cards in a square, as well as the traditional ways of reading it, I also set the intention of reading one row for each project.  The cards are shown here from the Whimsy Lenormand (Pepi Valderrama, 2013) for the sake of consistency.

It was useful, suggesting that uncertainty (Clouds) is central to these projects right now, and that although these are "new" projects, they are also enduring (Child/Tree), both in taking time, but also in creating something lasting.  I need to work on both writing (Letter) and managing (Bear), which may be one reason for that uncertainty - so many different aspects.  It also suggests a need to be smart about how I work, especially when there are repetitive tasks (Fox/Whips).  And to look at ways to get my message across (Rider), as well as clarifying what my message is!  Talking things through (Birds) will help with that clarity.  Which it did - talked with my DH on Monday and that really cleared up one point that had been troubling me.

The rows were also helpful, pointing to the differences between the projects.  The bottom row is a project that requires a lot of editing and tidying up (Letter/Whips), which is a bit boring (one keyword for Tree).  The middle row project has a lot of ambiguous communication (Birds/Clouds) attached to it, but is at least moving (Rider).  Too true!  And the top row project is the newest of the three (Child), and requires me to take on management functions (Bear).  I also need to trust my instincts (Fox) when making those decisions.

Then, at the weekend, I went to a christening and was a little surprised by the christian views of a few family members.  I was actually godmother to the child being christened, and had made clear to the mother that I am not christian, which she was fine with.  However, I didn't realise she thought that meant I'm just not religious.  And her partner went off on a rant about being true to protestant values.  It made me worry again about putting myself "out there" as a weirdo cartomant with pagan views.  Seems it's not just my business contacts who may be rather shocked!

So, I turned again to the cards asking: What I need to know about putting myself out there as a pagan cartomant?  This time, I used the Whimsy Lenormand app, which is very nicely done!  And very inexpensive, too :)

Tree, Stars, Moon, Snake, Rider:

Enduring guidance about emotional boundaries is announced.

The growth of mysticism in my reputation leads to new twists in how I present myself.

My reputation as a woman seeking clarity grows publicly.

The growth of my message comes from intelligent planning about how to present myself.

All this suggests that this is the right path for me, even if it sometimes feels scary.  Interesting, too, that on a question about reputation, the app picked the Moon as the central card - even apps are psychic :D

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Belated Beltane Reading

I drew these for Beltane, but haven't had time to post properly about them.  From Les Vampires, they make a lot of sense to me.  I need to not always put my needs last, accept the demons that drive me and (according to the companion book) exercise some discipline.

I've been trying to follow this advice.  On Monday, my MIL came over, but I still did a short workout.  I figured she could spend time with her son and the grandkids, and I only did a half hour, but it was me time.  So, that counts on both sides - putting my needs first, and being disciplined :)

Have also been tapping more on "I eat healthily to nourish myself and my baby" - at least three times a day...

Saturday, 3 May 2014


My altar
This morning, I finally got around to setting up my altar again, after more than two months.  A house move and a new baby have certainly taken a lot of my time and energy.  Still, the last few days I've been trying to make more time for the spiritual side.  One night I chanted to the Goddess while walking my son to try to burp and calm him in the early hours.  I regularly chant to Tara while breast feeding.  And this morning, while baby slept, I finished unpacking my altar supplies, and set it up.

 My altar is dedicated to the mothering aspect of the Goddess, with Isis from the Goddess Oracle (Marashinsky and Janto), Yemaya from the Oracle of the Mermaids (Cavendish and Fenech), and a nurturing angel from Doreen Virtue's Archangel Oracle cards.  I chose an orange scarf for the warm, Beltane energy of this time.  In the centre is a little pewter container with an offering of milk.  And for the elements: a feather tucked into my Bast incense burner for air; a candle for fire; a couple of shells for water; and a green stone egg for earth.  Four Goddess figurines, and a little Ganesh, so as not to forgot male energy :)

Air and Fire
Unpacking, I also decided to institute a new system for my altar supplies, which before were all piled, higgledy-piggledy, in two cupboard shelves.  Now, I thought to divide my supplies up by elements, and by purely decorative elements.  So, scarves and pictures in one drawer, air and fire supplies in another, and earth and water in a third.  Except that, unpacking, I realised that about the only "water" things I have are constantly on my altar, because there are so few of them.

My sleeping angel
So, I am going to go surfing for some more watery supplies.  I'm thinking a mini-cauldron and some sea shells…  Any other suggestions?

And as a last little image, my baby, sleeping like an angel :)