Wednesday, 28 May 2014

New Moon Chakra Reading

Yay, this month I actually managed to draw and post my New Moon reading on time!  I decided to use the Chakra Wisdom Oracle (Watkins, 2014), as I liked the idea that, as well as offering insights into what I should Release and Embrace for this lunation, it would also suggest which chakras I should focus on.  The companion book also offers meditations, we'll see whether I get around to those…

Anyway, the energy I need to release is that of Balance.  I see here once again the message to stop trying so hard to make things okay for everyone around me (same as last month's 'Sacrifice').

It's true that I've been doing quite a lot of that, perhaps to my own detriment.  I've had mastitis, with a high temperature, but my first worry was that it was something infectious I'd give to one of my boys.  And after that, though the advice is to rest, I was still taking care of everyone, worrying that my DH would get overburdened.  He finally said that he was happy to take on the baby for a bit and that I should go rest - what a sweetie.  The point, though, is that putting myself first, or even second or third, comes hard!

As for what to embrace, this is a lovely card connected with the heart chakra, and titled Perception.  I like the little butterflies and the beautiful, glowing green stone.  To me it suggests embracing a new perception of myself and my life.  I have to admit, weighed down by the 'injustice' of trying to keep everyone else happy when I'm feeling run down, ill and tired, I haven't been feeling as loving as I'd like. A reminder, then, that the more love I can be open to both giving and receiving, the more I shall feel like this lass: happy and surrounded by potential and joy.

I see here a recommendation to do some heart-centred meditation, and to resume my daily gratitude practice, which has also fallen by the wayside of late.

It's interesting, this deck has quite a lot of 'negative' cards for an 'angel' deck (those people in Balance look so grumpy!)  Yet, I rather like that - we need angelic help and chakra balancing precisely for the troubles that we face in life...


  1. Beautiful reading not only for you but for all mothers
    Children don't remember their mother's weight or mascara, nor the dustless floors and clean windows or the healthy balanced meals. They remember You.

    1. Thank you, Ellen. Both for saying it's a beautiful reading, and for the reminder that children do not see our achievements and flaws the way we do :)

  2. Glad your husband took the baby for a bit - you do need to rest and get well! And if he really needs you, he'll come and get you (mine would come and get me to 'do hair' lol).
    I've found the loving-kindness meditation to be helpful, and it starts with you, then to someone you love, then to someone you're angry with, then all beings):
    May I be filled with loving-kindness
    May I be well
    May I be peaceful and at ease
    May I be happy.

    1. Thanks, tst, I'd forgotten that meditation, it's a good one! For now, I've mainly just been managing to take time for a daily gratitude practice, which has felt good. Today, though, it's good to re-read this, as we have someone staying, an old friend, who has been bitching about everything - the coffee, the garden, our other friends. So, I remember that just because he's annoying me at the moment, doesn't mean I don't still value him :)

  3. I hope the mastitis has cleared up by now and that you are feeling better! Your "embrace" card reminds me of the nine of pentacles, which is how I try to perceive myself, or rather, it's my goal to embrace the attitude in that card.

    1. Thanks, Siddaleah, the mastitis cleared up fairly quickly. And yes, I see the Nine of Pents there, too. As you say, it's good to embrace seeing yourself as surrounded by abundance :)