Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Two Lenormand Readings

Last week, I decided to do a Lenormand reading on three related projects I'm working on.  Drawing 9 cards in a square, as well as the traditional ways of reading it, I also set the intention of reading one row for each project.  The cards are shown here from the Whimsy Lenormand (Pepi Valderrama, 2013) for the sake of consistency.

It was useful, suggesting that uncertainty (Clouds) is central to these projects right now, and that although these are "new" projects, they are also enduring (Child/Tree), both in taking time, but also in creating something lasting.  I need to work on both writing (Letter) and managing (Bear), which may be one reason for that uncertainty - so many different aspects.  It also suggests a need to be smart about how I work, especially when there are repetitive tasks (Fox/Whips).  And to look at ways to get my message across (Rider), as well as clarifying what my message is!  Talking things through (Birds) will help with that clarity.  Which it did - talked with my DH on Monday and that really cleared up one point that had been troubling me.

The rows were also helpful, pointing to the differences between the projects.  The bottom row is a project that requires a lot of editing and tidying up (Letter/Whips), which is a bit boring (one keyword for Tree).  The middle row project has a lot of ambiguous communication (Birds/Clouds) attached to it, but is at least moving (Rider).  Too true!  And the top row project is the newest of the three (Child), and requires me to take on management functions (Bear).  I also need to trust my instincts (Fox) when making those decisions.

Then, at the weekend, I went to a christening and was a little surprised by the christian views of a few family members.  I was actually godmother to the child being christened, and had made clear to the mother that I am not christian, which she was fine with.  However, I didn't realise she thought that meant I'm just not religious.  And her partner went off on a rant about being true to protestant values.  It made me worry again about putting myself "out there" as a weirdo cartomant with pagan views.  Seems it's not just my business contacts who may be rather shocked!

So, I turned again to the cards asking: What I need to know about putting myself out there as a pagan cartomant?  This time, I used the Whimsy Lenormand app, which is very nicely done!  And very inexpensive, too :)

Tree, Stars, Moon, Snake, Rider:

Enduring guidance about emotional boundaries is announced.

The growth of mysticism in my reputation leads to new twists in how I present myself.

My reputation as a woman seeking clarity grows publicly.

The growth of my message comes from intelligent planning about how to present myself.

All this suggests that this is the right path for me, even if it sometimes feels scary.  Interesting, too, that on a question about reputation, the app picked the Moon as the central card - even apps are psychic :D


  1. I can understand how scary this must be.and as I have said before there is no way back. Personally I am partially in the closet too. My girls know about my spiritual quests and my family knows about my "tarot hobby". not realizing its spiritual depths. I would love to be brave enough to put on my "red hat"so to speak but up till now I am not.
    I wish you a lot of wisdom for this difficult decision

    1. Hi Ellen,

      I was talking about it with a friend today, and what keeps coming up for me is how passionate and inspired I feel by the cards, and by my spiritual beliefs. Hiding that feels like hiding myself. And while I can do it some of the time, I don't want it to be the main way I live. I'll probably try to tone down or justify what others might see as the most extreme bits, but I feel I can't entirely deny who I am. Scary, but there you go!
      My mother loves the poem "When I am old I shall wear purple". Perhaps, as we age, we may worry less about what others think of us…
      Hugs, Kxxx

    2. Tone it down and see how far you can elaborate about your spirituality is a wise decision. And still very brave one
      I guess I have to grow a bit older to be so daring

    3. We each have to find our own pace, just as we have to find our own path :)

  2. First, I am awed that you read Lenormand cards in such a large group, and how easy you make it seem!
    I too, understand the feeling of wanting to "say it loud, say it proud," but at the same time being nervous about the reception you might get. I live in the Southern Baptist Bible belt, so I am selective about who I tell about card readings. I hope you get some guidance that will steer you in the right direction. :)

    1. Ha, some traditional Lenormand readers only ever read the GT, so I sometimes feel rather lazy just pulling a nine square ;)
      Yeesh, from what I've heard of the Southern Baptist Bible belt, I can see why you'd be very selective about speaking out. I'm lucky, living in London which is very cosmopolitan and tolerant. My issues are more with family and business contacts who are far more provincial. Though, I also have an uncle who lives in Munich, a lovely city, but who is a missionary!