Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Lenormand Reading On A Specific Question

Last night, my DH was out for the evening, so I spent some time watching Lenormand videos from Malkiel Rouven Dietrich.  Although I believe he has a few in English, most of them are in German.  And it was in one of those that I saw an interesting reading idea, which I decided to try out using the Under the Roses (US Games, 2014) and the Marseille mini (Zebrowski, 2013).

The basic idea is to use a Grand Tableau reading cloth, or a second deck, as the base.  Then, you choose the significator for your reading, depending on what the reading is about.  For my reading, I chose the Book (the Journal in the Under the Roses), as it is a large project I am working on.  Then, you start drawing cards from a shuffled deck.

The first card goes on the "house" of the significator, and the next card goes on the house of the first card.  So, in my example, I got Mice on the house of Book (Journal), followed by Tree on the house of Mice.  You carry on in this way until you draw the "significator" from your shuffled deck.  In my case, this was four cards from the end of the deck, so my reading ended up being large - 32 cards and houses!  In the example Malkiel gave, he ended up with just 8 cards drawn, but that's the nature of this reading, it can vary a lot.

All the cards are read in combination with the house they land on, and in relation to the original question/significator.  The main thing this reading highlighted for me was my motivation for getting involved in this project.  And in terms of the cards, what I found most interesting was the difference between reading traditionally/predictively, and reading in a more empowering way.

The full reading
Close to the end of the reading, I had Fox in the house of Bear, Snake in the house of Fox, and Ship in the house of Snake.  A predictive reader would suggest a need to beware of a deceitful manager, who is a foreign woman, or who is deceiving a foreign woman.  However, at a more empowering level I saw this saying that I need to bring my managerial skills (Bear/Fox) to the fore, as well as marketing skills (Fox/Snake), and keep in mind particularly the female market abroad (Snake/Ship).  It could be that, rather than trying to do it all myself, I could look for a manager/mentor (Bear) who has those skills.  Either way, it is about what I can best do to move this project forward.

According to the idea that we draw to us what we think about, I could almost certainly find a deceitful foreign woman in a position of power if I kept an eye out for that.  And some people would say that forewarned is forearmed.  Still, I find it more helpful to think about what skills I need to show or look for in others, what actions I can take.  That deceitful woman might well be out there and try to undermine me, but rather than looking for her, I look for what I can do to help me overcome obstacles that such a person might put in my way.  And those skills will be of use, whether that woman is out there or not.  So, I'm not focusing on "her", rather on what I have potential control over, and what I can positively do, rather than negatively react to.

As I see it, this isn't denying that there are negative situations and people in life.  Instead, it is focusing on what I can do to preempt these.  It is how I can most empower myself, and where I can target my attention and actions, rather than focusing on what problems might arise.  After all, I don't need to go borrowing trouble or worrying about maybe's, I need to see what I can do to try to achieve the best possible outcome.

Now, with that intention set, it's time to get back to work...


  1. Great reading (and again I am wowed by your awesome Lenormand skills). I agree with you about focusing on what you have control over and can positively do rather than being paranoid about the obstacles. The best defense is a good offense!

    1. Ha ha, that's exactly it. I wonder how a roomful of cartomants would take it if I started citing football tactics :D

  2. I agree with Sycamore You rock with these cards. I like your empowering reading style. This way of looking at the cards resonates a lot with me. Still struggling with three to five cards though :D
    The only thing we can change is ourselves so that is definately worth putting our energy into

    1. Glad this reading style resonates with you, too, Ellen. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just going crazy, fighting the wave of fortune-telling… As you say, we can only change ourselves!