Monday, 21 July 2014

Burning Serpent Reading

I'm a huge Rachel Pollack fan, so when I heard she was bringing out a Lenormand I was delighted.  Fast forward a couple of months, and the Burning Serpent Oracle (2014) has arrived.  Been reading the book over the weekend, whenever the kids allowed, and am loving it so far.  Rachel Pollack combines excellent scholarship with an innovative perspective and a deep knowledge of myth.  Anyhow, I decided to ask about my spiritual focus for the week ahead.

The Rusted Cross, The Voyage, The Flaming Tree

As you can see, many if not most of the cards have been renamed in this "Lenormand of the Soul".  Still, these are basically the Cross, the Ship and the Tree.

The Cross (rusted or otherwise) is an interesting card.  Some readers see it as being straight-up bad: burdens and sorrows.  However, most writers acknowledge that it can also represent religiosity, or spirituality.  And many German writers distinguish depending on the position of the Cross.  When "behind" or to the left of other cards, it is seen in it's more supportive, spiritual aspect (perhaps the reason why the butterfly is on the right side of the Cross - haven't gotten that far in the book, yet).  I often read it as being about ethical burdens - deciding between right and wrong - which is no easy task, and yet very worthwhile.  So, the Cross is rarely easy, but that doesn't make it bad.

Anyhow, I read this as saying to focus on a spiritual venture around healing, which makes a lot of sense to me.  It points to my continuing daily practice of chanting for my mother's health, while visualising the Lenormand spell I placed for her.  It also points to working on a project that is currently focused on health and spirituality, which I was doing just this morning :)  There's still plenty to do, so that's what I'll try to complete this week :)


  1. I've read she does stray form the traditional meanings and add a more spiritual flavor to the cards. It does sound appealing but I will rather wait for The Celtic Lenormand to be published.
    I prefer Will's artwork and have high hopes for content of the book :D
    Sending you lots of love and strength for your mother

    1. As I understand it, the Celtic Lenormand strays from traditional names only in line with the cultural theme. For instance, the Rider is the Bard, but still holds the same meanings. Whereas this Burning Serpent changes the names and images a lot. For instance, the Birds become the Owl and the Mouse! A bit confusing at first, but I look forward to reading the rationale.
      Like you, I prefer Will's artwork, but I do love variety :D
      Thank you for the love and strength - two things I pray for daily!

  2. Is this the one drawn by Robert Place? If so, that's quite a combination of talent between him and Greer. Sounds like you are busy creating for others and yourself! :)

    1. Yes, it's Robert Place and Rachel Pollack. I'm not totally into Place's artwork, though I have a few of his decks, but I love Rachel's take on things :) And yes, I hope my creations will be shareable...

    2. Geez, I don't know why I said Greer when you plainly stated it was Pollack. I guess those were the two big names I learned tarot through (even though their approaches were so different), so I mix them up occasionally.
      I've had a couple of Place's tarot decks but only kept the Alchemical; I think you're right about his art. Some of it suits some subjects well but not so much others - though this one looks nice. :)