Sunday, 13 July 2014

Getting Practical

Heart, Ship, Stars, Bouquet, Garden, Man, Child, Dog, Stork
By the Sycamore Tree commented on the last post that finding some calm around my mother's health should help me also think about what I can do at a practical level.  Being the Swords-y gal I am, I hadn't gotten there, I must admit.  So, I decided to do a reading on how I can help more practically.  

Used my Under the Roses Lenormand app - easily to hand, and I don't have to worry about scanning :D 

Heart as the first card is perfect as the 'trigger': it is both my love for my mother and the problems with her heart that led me to do this reading.  The Garden as the centre of the reading also feels right: what is needed is support, and not just from me, but also from her whole community and from that international (Ship), rational (Man), scientific (Stars) community (Garden) - the medical establishment.  

Reading the corners: emotional changes require spontaneity and planning. That might seem like a non sequitur, but makes sense to me.  I have to be open to doing something outside of my routine.  However, with a husband, two kids, school and childcare to factor in, it'll still take planning. 

As for the action cross, that seems almost like what I already did, visiting her abroad: Ship, Bouquet, Garden, Man, Dog - a journey that is a gift of support, requiring faithful action.  Still, I'm looking for advice here.  So, I see this suggesting that my trip should not be a one-off.  It need not mean travelling abroad every time she's set to go into hospital.  However, it's also true that with my elder son I found travelling tricky, and we've gotten into the habit of her coming to visit us.  This reading reminds me that I could go over to visit her at home, as the baby is much easier to travel with.  That way, I can lend moral support, and perhaps also practical help at home.

Other suggestions also pop up.  Reading the diagonals: emotional support for moving - perhaps I can help her some time with packing or preparing for a trip to the hospital; the Child (me) finding support online - spending some time looking into dietary changes she could make, or seeing if there are any forums for people with similar symptoms.  As for the columns, they seem to support these ideas.  We have the emotional gift from a child (Heart, Bouquet, Child) - me going to visit; and a supportive journey to show friendship (Ship, Garden, Dog) - more visits.  Also, active guidance for change (Stars, Man, Stork) - sharing what I find online...


  1. It amazes me again and again how much you can read in these cards. In this post you've shown us how besides assessing the situation they also provide you with practical tips. It is just a matter of wording the question very precisely.
    I hope you can find the time and the energy to support your mom, but please take good care of yourself too (((Kerry)))

    1. Well, my mum is off on holiday for a couple of weeks, so I can focus on the internet side and my boys for a little :) As for the cards, I think you can get more out of them when you have more keywords - as the same card can say two or three different things :D

  2. You do have your hands full, but I think taking the baby and leaving the older son in the care of someone else might be a way to get some travel time in. I have a younger friend who manages her travels this way when she needs to visit with family. Good luck to you, positive wishes for your mom!

    1. Thanks, Bev. It does make such a difference now the older one is at school, and his dad takes him a lot more, too. It's really improved their relationship, as well - he's a loyal pup following his dad around :D