Monday, 11 August 2014

Angel Reading On Angel Reading

Got a somewhat surprising reading request this evening - for an angel reading via Skype.  I've not yet been on the business end of a Skype reading, though I have had a couple done for me.  Feeling a little nervous, I picked out four decks from amongst my angel decks.  Then, still anxious, I decided to do a quick draw for myself using my favourite two: the Tarot of the Angels (Lo Scarabeo, 2008) and the Angel Insight Pack (Duncan Baird, 2008, though it has since been re-released under a new name, which I can't remember).

Situation - 8 of Wands

I see here both the fact that this may move fast - I offered the client times tomorrow or Wednesday.  Also, that there is a balance here - the client may also be nervous.  And that the mirror the cards offers works, no matter which direction you look at them from, nor through which lens.

Avoid - The Tower

No letting myself feel under siege!  If things are going to quickly for me (having become more accustomed to email readings), then I shall remember that things don't have to feel perfect, that I don't have to defend my reading, simply say what I see and hear and feel.

Embrace - The High Priestess

How perfect - embrace my inner seer!  Don't rush into speech, but embrace the moments of silence that allow inner knowing to make itself heard.

Final word - Fluidity

And a final message from Archangel Raphael - there is healing in going with the flow, in letting the cards themselves lead me where I need to go.  I know this, and yet my fear sometimes gets in my way.  I am grateful for the reminder that I do not need to be perfect, that I just need to listen and let words flow through me.


  1. Sounds like everything is going to be just fine! I tend to want to censor myself when I see something unpleasant, so leave yourself a post-it note on your monitor if you do that! But the funny thing is, the stuff I didn't censor (just told it like I saw it and what my gut sensed) were the times people told me I was right on target. You can always draw another card to see what they can do about a tough issue, though from what I've seen on your blog, you tend to be proactive anyway. :) Sending positive, calm thoughts your way!

    1. I like the post-it note idea, especially as I intend to send the client a brief synopsis with affirmations after the reading. Thanks for the support, Bev. It's weird, I've been reading professionally for 8 years, in person, via email, even on videos, but not having used Skype before… In terms of that Tower, I've re-checked my Skype software, my Skype name, and I'll remember to charge my computer :D

  2. Yeah for taking practical measures inspired by the Tower!
    You will do just Fine. The cards look great and most important you word so precisely what is important in a reading. I am sure when the first words have been spoken the rest will follow fluidly
    Big encouraging Hug

    1. Thanks, Ellen! I find doing a reading very settling, it helps focus my mind, and ground me in the feel of the shuffle. Now, I'm just waiting to hear back when the client wants to speak :)
      Hugs to you!

  3. You will be great, of course! Love your reading on a reading. Hah.