Monday, 4 August 2014

Bear to Bouquet

Image from Let's Sort It
Today, I went to see a hypnotherapist for the first time.  In part, it's due to an interest in training as a hypnotherapist, after my own very positive experience using hypnotherapy inductions for the birth of my second son.  Also, although I'm trained as a counsellor, I don't feel I can currently commit to longer term therapy clients, because of my first son's medical needs.  And finally, or perhaps that should have been firstly, I want to eat less sugar.

Writing about it here, I notice my need to justify taking this, or any step.  Even with wanting to eat less sugar, I justify it as not wanting to 'poison' my breast feeding baby.  Somehow, I find it hard to do something just for me, or just because.  And talking with the hypnotherapist, I realise this is connected to why I eat chocolate.

My mother instilled a strong work ethic in me, that sense that I must be of service to others.  And that is generally a good thing, except that somehow it makes everything that I do into work, with very few exceptions.  So, I've come to see chocolate and sweets as my "only" treat.  Even things like blogging, which I love, I do with the justification that it helps me learn, and helps with my "tarot reader" profile.

Here, then, are the cards from the Mystical Lenormand (Könisgsfurt-Urania, 2004) that I have chosen for my altar:

Scythe, Bear, Paths, Bouquet.
I want to stop acting like a bear with a sore head, stop seeing everything as work, stop eating unhealthily.  Instead, I choose to see the gift that my life truly is, I choose to give thanks, I choose creativity and joy.  So mote it be!


  1. I truly understand this, as far as feeling like "I deserve a treat" - especially when I'm stressed or tired. But usually what I choose doesn't really make me less stressed or less tired; I might have a brief little moment of pleasure, but it doesn't have any lasting effects (other than me craving another "treat," lol). Hope the hypnotherapist is helpful!

    1. Yes, you've got it exactly, Bev. That treat at the end of the day when I'm tired. I'm trying a little downloadable hypnotherapy, too, so we'll see… :)

  2. I think these four cards really resemble your intention quite well. I can relate to the work ethic. Sometimes it helps me to say I want instead of I have to
    I too was raised with the notion everything I did had to have a purpose so there was little room for just fun an play (especially when I grew older)
    Looking forward to hear about you experiences with the hypnotherapy

    1. Thanks, I like how Lenormand cards can express everyday things, and also offer several angles on any problem - like Bear being work as well as overeating.
      It was strange talking with the hypnotherapist and saying how much I enjoy most things in my life, and yet I feel they have to have purpose, and so they just don't count as treats. Really good to realise that the problem is how narrow my definition is, and hopefully she can open that up :)