Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Strength to Be Kind

Fey Tarot
Yesterday, I had another hypnotherapy session focusing on wanting to stop eating so many sweets and chocolates.  This time we did an induction to unite opposing parts, the part of me that craves sweets and the part that wants to control this.

The hypnotherapist asked me what image came to mind for each part.  In the past, I've struggled with this kind of question, but now it worked quite well.  I thank the fact that I have a database of card images in my head now, with ready-made associations.  Anyhow, for the craving part, my first answer was a fluffy gremlin, then I thought of this image of the Devil from the Fey Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2004).  In fact, I tried using this in a spell to deal with my sweet cravings several years ago.

Fey & Radiant Rider Waite Strength cards
When I thought about the part that wants to control my eating, I thought about the Strength card.  In that same spell from the past, I used the Fey Strength card.  However, my feelings have changed.  Now, she looks too smug to me, and too violent.  She's got that dragon all tied up in knots.  Instead, I thought of the traditional Rider Waite (this is the Radiant, my favourite - U.S. Games, 2005).

We explored what the "intention" behind each of these parts is, and also what they might see as the positives of the other part.  Through this, the two found ways to connect.  Then, they were to merge, and the hypnotherapist asked how this might look, what it might feel like.

Gaian Tarot
Over the course of this, what came up for me was the Strength image from the Gaian Tarot (self-published, 2010).  She's so gentle and loving, taming the beast without any anger, just loving acceptance!  I could see her reaching out a kind hand to that Devil, calming it, petting it, nurturing it.  That's what I want, to treat myself with kindness, to find a way to embrace this difficult part of myself.

In fact, I had a sense of this part being like a little baby (maybe this is just because I'm dealing with a baby every day at the moment, and so can see the similarities).  I don't know if this means that this craving part is an aspect of my inner child, or if this was just a useful metaphor.  Made me think this part needs to be held firmly but gently, so it doesn't flail out, hurting me and itself.

Goddess Oracle
After all of this, in the evening, thinking about embracing a wild part of my inner being, I suddenly thought of this image of Inanna from the Goddess Oracle (U.S. Games, 2006).  So, I came up with an affirmation, and have placed the Gaian Strength card and Inanna upon my altar.

"I embrace the part of me that craves sweets.  I nurture that part, hold her firmly, and stroke her so she knows she is safe and loved."

Let's see if this helps...


  1. What a huge leap forward Kerry. When you write about the inner child the Isis card (mothering) came to mind. It all comes down on wholeheartedly embracing yourself. This is such a challenge and for every one of us. So thank you for reminding me to be more loving toward myself and I wish you lots of gentle nurturing kindness

    1. Thank you, Ellen. As you say, the reminder to be loving to ourselves is one that many can use :) As for Isis, I've been chanting to her, too, the last couple of days, but thinking of my baby :D
      Big hugs!

  2. Isn't funny how after you've been working with tarot for awhile, tarot card images pop in your mind? :) I've had this happen in the middle of conversations with people often. I love the Fey's Devil image, though I see what you mean about the smug Fey on Strength. It just dawned on me when we are "young" at trying to control something, we do try to do it forcefully. Then later as we mature (RWS card), we see that we have to be firm yet gentle with that part of ourselves. Wonderful post!

    1. I've found this aspect of tarot very useful, as I used to really struggle with visualisation and other creative uses of imagery :) Ah yes, the forceful self-belief of youth gives way to a softer, yet often more effective side!

  3. I love the images/cards you chose for the representation of these aspects within yourself. How cool. It reminds me of some concepts I've explored in Jungian-style counseling. Very neato.

    Sending you lots of love. I'm sorry I've been a bit absent from the blogging sphere lately. I have been super busy--which I bet you can relate to!

    Much Love,

    1. I'm amazed you find any time for it at all, with all the housecleaning and yard tidying and everything else, not to mention preparing paperwork!

      Yes, I think many styles of counselling use some of these ideas - Gestalt, NLP, hypnotherapy, focusing, and Jungian. It is pretty cool :D

  4. i don't know if my last comment worked, so i will retype one. this hit home for me. i struggle with the same thing these days. thank you for the uplifting affirmation to meditate on. luv it. xo

  5. You're welcome, Bridgett. Hope meditating on it helps you, too :)