Sunday, 14 September 2014

Black Cat

This was the card I drew last night, and as Bev asked about this deck, I thought I'd post it.  From the Halloween Oracle (Blue Angel, 2014), it is the Black Cat.  The guide book is quite nice, with scans and a page or a bit more of text for each card.

For this card, the book explains that black cats have been seen as both harbingers of good and bad luck over time and space: they used to be given to brides in old times in Britain, a fact I never knew!  And in the Inquisition times they were nearly exterminated, for their presumed role as witch's familiars.  Stacey de Marco suggests this might have been one reason that bubonic plague, carried by rats, ran so rampant after that: what a thought!

Anyhow, this oracle associated the Black Cat with fortune and opportunity, advising us to seize opportunities that come.  I would also see it as reminding us to give thanks for the good fortune in our lives, and perhaps beware of unforeseen consequences.

As for me, yesterday I followed the advice of the Lenormand cards, and ended up listening to three different "eat healthy/weight loss/craving buster" hypnotherapy inductions (I listen to them while trying to get the baby to sleep, and he was a tough nut yesterday, very jumpy).  After that, for the first time in over a year, I didn't eat any chocolate or biscuits at all!  Yay!


  1. First, congrats on taking steps (and succeeding!) in eating healthy. :)
    Being owned by two cats, I of course love this card. Seizing opportunity makes me think of a cat's pounce. But the cat sitting on the stack of books makes me think I shouldn't jump unless I've done my homework first and have knowledge about what I'm getting into.

    1. That sounds like sage advice, not pouncing til you've done your homework.
      I love cats, too. Can't have any at the moment as my eldest is badly allergic :(

  2. Good for you!!!! I ma so happy for you. This must be so empowering
    I like this card although I am not a cat lover (Allergies) Perhaps that is the reason I don't feel the connection between the depiction and the message??

    1. Well, I find some of the images a little strange, too. I'd associate this more with a High Priestess feel from the image alone. Still, having books is lucky, and having knowledge that lets you seize an opportunity is, too. So maybe you could see that as the focus, rather than the cat? :)