Monday, 29 September 2014

Hello Autumn! Spread

Really liked the look of this spread which Carla shared on her Rowan Tarot blog on Sunday.  So, decided to try again with the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2014) as it's beautiful, but sometimes takes a bit of extra work to interpret.

1) What is coming to an end?  - Two of Pentacles.

My need to juggle ten million things?  Can't believe this will ever end, it is surely part of the job description of a mother! :D  Eegads, I hope it's not my ability to juggle these, as that is totally necessary!

I notice that all the things she's juggling, despite their different shapes and colours, are buttons.  Perhaps she could find another way of keeping them all suspended.  Stringing them together might make a lovely necklace, and give her something to connect her head to her body!  Perhaps the message for me here is that I might let go of the sense that I am juggling different things, and instead see how all of these things are part of something greater.
2) What stirs within? - Ace of Pentacles

A new beginning in the physical or material realm, something for me to gestate over the winter.  The birds make me think of getting a different perspective, an overview on material projects.

I have several things already on the go (see above), and am not sure I can manage another new project.  Still, maybe if it's an off-shoot of one of those, or better yet something that helps me tie them all together, as suggested by the overview...

3) What is coming next? - Judgement

Oh, this is another strange card!  The girl grows from a rose that is hidden inside a maze, behind a closed door, the key to which seems to be held by an Alice-esque white rabbit.  I rather like the suggestion of being freed by following my intuition, of letting that guide me into the next stage of my life.

So what is coming is a new calling, something that will free me to feel more whole.  Guided by my intuition, I can find the way to let myself shine, no longer hidden behind walls and distractions.  This seems to tie the other two cards together: a new start that ends that sense of being pulled in lots of directions, as I become less guarded and more whole :)

I've written in the past about coming out of the broom closet more, and everything I take up recently seems to be heading in that direction.  Maybe now there will be no denying it any more!


  1. Maybe the 2 of Pents has to do with feeling disconnected because of all your current obligations, but perhaps you'll get in a groove so that you no longer feel that way?
    The Judgment card - it's dawning on her that she no longer needs that key she thought she desperately needed; she's figured out that she's grown above that maze so she can see beyond it (which sort of fits with you coming out of the broom closet).
    My unasked for two cents.... :D (My apologies.) I'm beginning to love these bizarre cards!

    1. No need to apologise, Bev. As I said, I struggled with these a bit. Love hearing your take on them. I like the idea of having outgrown the need for that key. And yes, I have been feeling disconnected. Very helpful, thank you :)

  2. Very brave to come out. Maybe her looking over the maze is a sign it will be okay. If you feel trapped everything looks so much more scary.
    The juggling part can also be about letting distractions and the balancing act keeping you from the Ace, whatever it may be

    1. That's also very true, about things being scarier when we feel trapped. And yes, maybe I need to let go of juggling and focus a bit more, but so many things just can't be dropped…
      Hugs, Kxx

  3. Hi Kerry, it's just to know how are you and how is everything. Send you a kiss, my friend.
    Que tengas un lindo finde :)

  4. Thanks, LM. I'm doing well, though it's been a busy week. I think both my boys are teething, one with his second set, one with his first. So, lots of screeching, pain and dribbling (sorry, maybe tmi). Espero sue tu también tuviste un agradable finde :D