Saturday, 13 September 2014

Houses In Small Spreads?

Last night, I was looking around on a German Lenormand forum and found an interesting suggestion for a different approach to reading houses in smaller spreads.  I've never liked the idea that if you just draw three cards then they must always be in the houses of the Rider, Clover and Ship. It means you would never get variety in your combinations.  Donnaleigh's suggestion of using two decks works well, but takes more time and effort.

With this technique, you add the spread's position number to the number of the card you drew, to come up with the house number.  I decided to give it a try, asking the Mystical Lenormand (K√∂nigsfurt-Urania, 2004) for advice for this weekend:

Mice, Fox, Cross, Coffin, Ring
At first glance, this reading doesn't offer anything very positive.  Four of the cards would generally be considered negative, and the last is seen as neutral.  However, the question and focus are determining - I asked for advice for the weekend.

This can be read as saying that skilful undermining of self-deceptive burdens brings an end to sorrow if I commit to that end.   This fits with the hypnotherapy work I've been doing to improve my eating patterns.

Adding the extra layer suggested in the Lenormand forum would go like this:

1) Mice (23) = 24 (Heart) - so Mice in the house of Heart - emotional undermining.
2) Fox (14) = 16 (Stars) - Fox in the house of Stars - technological skilfulness, guidance regarding self-deception.
3) Cross (36) = 3 (Ship) - Cross in the house of Ship - burdens connected to nostalgia or our life's journey.
4) Coffin (8) = 12 (Birds) - Coffin in the house of Birds - anxiety around an ending, talking that creates an ending.
5) Ring (25) = 30 (Lily) - Ring in the house of Lily - commitment to peace, harmonious commitment.

So, skilfully using technology to undermine emotions that are part of self-deception on how to move through burdens that have long been part of my life's path can bring an end to the anxiety around those burdens, if I find a place of peace from which to commit to that ending.  This added layer fits remarkably well with the first - I am using technology (hypnotherapy apps) and this is an emotional issue that undermines me, and that has been with me most of my life.  In hypnotherapy, one central idea is that it is from a meditative place of relaxation or peace that we can make these big changes, by listening to someone's voice.  Colour me impressed!


  1. You read German? You amaze me, woman. I would comment on the Lenormand technique, but it is way above my brain scale. :D

    1. Well, my mom is German, though she didn't teach it to me as a child. I think these things are easier when you live in Europe. I'm more proud of the fact that I speak Spanish, as I learnt that starting at age 19 :)
      As for the Lenormand technique, if you put your mind to it you'd pick it up in no time. It's simpler than it might seem. Still, I know not everyone is interested - it appealed to me precisely because of its semantic associations - as someone who speaks four languages, I like language games!

  2. This is so cool! To compare both readings and see how the layering adds meaning and provides more clarity. Great system, which I will try for sure when I pick up my Lennies again:)
    I do hope the hypnotherapy will help you change your eating patterns in a gentle peaceful way

    1. Thanks, Ellen, the hypnotherapy certainly seems to be helping. Hope you do try this system, it was a lot of fun :)

  3. I'm looking forward to trying this system as well! Always on the lookout for interesting things to do with the Lennie. Thanks for sharing this!