Saturday, 6 September 2014

Lennie Work Readings

I made some time last night to do a couple of readings on my work situation, shown here with the Burning Serpent Oracle (Pollack & Place, 2014).  For the first, I asked what would help me moving forward with my book:

Whips (repetition), Tree (duration, body-mind-spirit), Man (logic, active):  Firstly, I see this saying that I have to accept that repeated delays are only logical at the moment.  If I don't stress about that, I am more likely to be able to be productive when I do get the chance to work on this.  I like the way the different seasons shown on the Flaming Tree highlight the "duration" reading of the tree :)  Secondly, it suggests actively doing something repetitive to link body, mind and spirit - so, another ritual or daily meditation seems to be in order for this…

The second pull was asking about how to approach someone who said they might have a workshop opportunity for me next Spring:

Garden (public), Child (open, new), Heart (emotion, care):  This suggests being open about my feelings about this opportunity.  I really want to do this, it's something I care about, so I should publicly and openly say so.  It also intimates that this could open up a new audience for me, who share my love of this subject :)

Finally, I asked about running my own workshops next year:

Clover (synchronicity, luck, small), Garden, Sun (success):  Looks like it's a propitious time to try these.  It also suggests that even small audiences should be considered a success.  I've always felt that way, in any case.  Touching just one person is worthwhile, and looking to the bigger picture, word of mouth spreads little by little…

I like how the Garden came up in both readings about workshops, as these are public events.  A reminder of the joys of getting out amongst others, given how much time I spend at home with the kids at the moment!


  1. I remember you've done an altaration in July for a work project. I guess this reading is partly about the same thing?. Any way the cards are fairly positive so that's a good thing. Since I won't be able to join one of your workshops I have to wait patiently for the book. The same attitude you will have to develop when other issues are asking for priority
    Maybe you could develop a spell with tarot or lennies for patience and/or acceptance or something like that. You are very creative in creating such a visual focus
    I have to say I am amazed how you manage all of this with so much on your plate already :)

    1. Hi Ellen,
      Yes, this is the same project I did the altaration for in July, but August was so taken up with hospital stuff that it got left to one side. Still, after today I feel I've got my mojo back, at least a little :)
      And I love your idea of doing a lennie spell for patience! :D

  2. I like the Tree that shows the seasons; so often I don't want to be patient. But most endeavors require that four letter word: TIME. :)
    I too immediately sensed the Garden coming up in your last two questions was important. Perhaps one workshop in the community will lead to another/more?
    Best of luck to you with both projects - I have full confidence in your abilities, and I'm sure others will too.