Monday, 20 October 2014

Bamboo Moon

Kuan Yin Oracle
I've been drawing a card every day from the Kuan Yin Oracle (Blue Angel, 2012), but have had little time to post.  Today's card is one that has come up twice this week, and talks of everything happening according to divine timing.  Whether we perceive it as such is a very different question, though!

I feel everything is going far slower than I'd like, though the book also says things could seem to happen before we feel ready.  And I guess there's an element of that, too.  While my work projects are taking more time than I'd prefer, my baby is developing fast.  He's just starting to crawl, and so I have to re-think what is 'safe' for him.  It's exciting, but also challenging...

I thought I'd draw some Lenormand cards, too.  My first impression from this line of three from the Mystical Lenormand (K√∂nigsfurt-Urania, 2004) was: writer's block on a project!

Mystical Lenormand
  However, that is far from true.  Not only did I write more for my project last week than I had for a while, I also re-thought and re-structured it.    More to the point, perhaps, it indicates the long road that this writing project is taking.  That re-structuring has led me to do some more research in a slightly different direction, which is interesting, but once again takes time.  Still, like last week's draw, it reminds me that the only way across the Mountain is with dedication, one step at a time… :)


  1. Goodness, I can't believe he's already crawling! Life is about to get very interesting at your house. :)
    Hope you will enjoy each step of the writing process. Even though the additions and restructuring may take longer to finish it, I'm sure the result will be worth it.

    1. Yeah, crawling and pulling himself up on everything, and then getting very offended if he goes backwards or falls over :D
      And yes, I'm overall very happy with the restructuring, it's really helped clarify my ideas, and will be a definite improvement :)

  2. Lovely card...Bamboo Moon sounds like a cool TV show. I know what you mean about timing. Sometimes I get really annoyed at the timing of things, but there are often benefits to a slower boil. I know my tendency is to want to push ahead. I remember getting a repeat card during the house selling and then hunting process. I got the "Denial" card, showing a hand reaching for unripe grapes. Talked a lot about the importance of timing.

    Anyway...rambling. :)

    1. Well, I think moving is a special kind of torture. It's being in limbo in pretty much the most important area of your life - your home and sense of security. So, no wonder you just wanted to be moved and settled. Glad that's happened now :)