Thursday, 23 October 2014

Mountain Stalker and Fierce Flute

This morning, I drew some more Lenormand cards, shown here from the Mystical Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2004).

Moon, Mountain, Key
It's interesting that the Mountain, with its feeling of delays and obstacles, has come up in the last three readings.  Clearly, it's not just tarot cards that can stalk us!

My first interpretation of this is that blocked emotions can bring insight: noticing those blocks is always a good first step to overcoming them. 

Going deeper, I applied the Houses technique:
1) Moon (32) = 33 Key
2) Mountain (21) = 23 Mice
3) Key (33) = 36 Cross

Insight into emotions (Moon/Key) reduces the blocks (Mountain is eaten away by the Mice) allowing spiritual solutions to present themselves (Key/Cross).  Interesting how this suggests working on emotional blocks can lead to far deeper insights...

Another thing this reading got me thinking about is concerns around my reputation.  The main reason I drew cards at all was because I got a reminder from one of the German Lenormand forums I'm on saying I hadn't visited in a while.  So, I thought I'd post a practice reading there, and try to stay open to other people's interpretations, not worrying about being seen as an oddball with my psychological approach to the cards.  Here, the insight into reputation is to reduce the weight I put on other people's ideas: they are their problem, not mine.  Of course, I know that, but living it is so often different…

And today's Kuan Yin Oracle card (Blue Angel, 2012) supports that.  Sound the Fierce Flute talks about listening to the clarion call of our discernment, rather than to judgement (our own or other people's).  So, time to trust my intuition and understanding, and dig into my emotional blocks around feeling judged, perhaps :)


  1. As soon as deep emotional issues are starting to feel like blockages you are beginning to be aware of them and that's when you can dig deeper and start the healing process.
    Goof for you to trust on your intuition instead of other's opinions. You can't please the whole world population.

    1. Ha ha, I can't even please a small portion of it - a good reminder, Ellen! And yes, it was really good to dig into these emotions, I definitely felt better for it, and clarified some spiritual understandings, too :)

  2. Oh I do love the message behind that Fierce Flute card!

    1. Yes, I often forget the word discernment, but it's a good one! The difference from judgement is a subtle but important one :D