Monday, 30 June 2014

A Prayer For Health

We're having a really hospital-heavy time right now.  My elder son saw a surgeon last week about a couple of operations he needs.  My younger son is having a rather unpleasant test tomorrow to decide if he needs surgery.  And my mum is having surgery on Wednesday!  All told, I felt in need of a little spiritual boost on the health front.

This spell I placed on my altar has the Birds, the Star and the Tree from the Gilded Reverie Lenormand (U.S. Games, 2014), to represent spiritual words spoken for health.  I also removed the Isis and Angel cards, and replaced them with Sulis for health and well-being.  I left Cerridwen in her place.  On this card, her keywords and Death and Birth, and for me she represents learning to flow with the cycles of life.  Whatever comes, I will flow with it, and pray for the health and well-being of my loved ones!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Tapping and Reading

This week, I've been more consistently tapping on weight/self-image issues.  Also managed to chant at my altar again.  Still not chanting daily, but I do feel a bit more connected to my spiritual practice.  My hope is that the positive benefits of meditation and chanting will also help my weight loss goals.  After all, the stress enzyme cortisol encourages weight gain…

Decided to draw some cards for the weekend, as we are having a party.  Silly, but it's been stressing me out, as I worry people won't have fun, that they'll be judgemental, and think how fat I look.  Which is ridiculous, as these are only our closest local friends, and I wouldn't judge any of them for having put on a bit of weight.  And realistically, at a party I mainly just enjoy the chance to catch up with people I don't see as often as I'd like, and hope they will feel the same.

Anyhow, drew a line of three from the Gilded Reverie Lenormand (U.S. Games, 2014): Garden, Book, Tower.

In this, I see that I have felt like hiding from society, yet I also feel isolated.  It speaks of people seeing our new home for the first time, too, and how I've felt nervous about that.  At the same time, it reminds me that this party is a chance to talk and share projects we are interested in, and to learn from each other.  As with everything in life, it will be what we make of it.  And so I return to mindset, and tapping to calm my fears, so I can enjoy time with my friends.

Even though I am anxious about this party, I love myself and accept these feelings :D

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Summer Solstice Altar

Recently, I read a post by Joanna Powell-Colbert about developing our sense of place.  Going to my altar today to light a solstice candle, I realised it was still oriented according to the compass points where I had it at our old house.  So, I took the time to realign my altar, even though I didn't actually change what was on it much.  The only thing missing from it is the card for Brigid, which is still in the spell for my literary project.

No time for a long ritual, but babe-in-arms I called the quarters and the centre, called the Goddess by many names, and the God as Ganesha.  I lit my solstice candle, which has a citrine in the base to be charged by the sun, the flame and prayer.  Also re-committed to my spell work, then chanted to the Goddess.  Babe started fussing, so I closed the circle, said a final prayer, and that was that.  Still, it felt good!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Friday 13th Spell Work

Literary project spell
Yesterday was Friday 13th, and a Full Moon.  I read a post about this full moon's energy over on Lisa Frideborg Lloyd's Seerpathways blog, and determined that I should use the opportunity to do some spell working myself.  After all, Lisa says this full moon in sagittarius is opportune both for literary projects and healing the liver.  I have a literary project I'm working on, albeit ridiculously slowly.  And chocolate is almost as bad for the liver as alcohol, so that's definitely on me "needs healing" list.

I created Lenormand spells for both the literary project I want to get a fire lit under, and for improving my eating patterns.  I chose the cards based on lines, and then also used them as nine squares for reading, a practice that I'm finding adds interesting dimensions to the spells.  These are connections that I often don't foresee when I first choose and place the cards intuitively.  Then, I also chose Goddess cards for each spread.

For the literary project, I used the Mystical Lenormand (K√∂nigsfurt-Urania, 2004).  Making an energetic commitment to the project (Ring, Sun, Book), skilful writing brings progress (Letter, Fox, Storks), and creative clarity/guidance is the key (Stars, Bouquet, Key).  And the Goddesses I chose from the Goddess Oracle (U.S. Games, 2006) were Brigid (beautiful creative spark and wordsmith), Sophia (for wisdom), and Eurynome (titled ecstasy, which for me touches on both joy in doing, and also a connection to the divine).

As for the liver issue, I used the White Owl Lenormand (K√∂nigsfurt-Urania, 2008).  Cutting food addictions (Scythe, Whips, Bear), committing to a new sense of harmony (Ring, Child, Lily), and healthy, creative choices (Tree, Paths, Bouquet).  Reading the cross corners had an interesting result: cutting cosmetic concerns (Scythe, Bouquet), and focusing on healthy eating (Tree, Bear).

As for Goddesses, I chose mainly moon-based Goddesses, to make the most of the full moon energy.  Artemis, for focus and self-confidence.  Ix Chel for healing, and creating a web of support.  Coatlicue is titled Grief, and maybe there's some of that needing healing…  And Corn Woman, for a spiritual approach to self-nourishing.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

GT For June

The reading I did earlier in the week made me think about doing a Grand Tableau, as that technique would be a good exercise to have students practice before facing an entire GT.  Well, so long as they didn't get nearly the whole deck, the way I did…  Anyway, I decided to draw a GT for June and examine how that exercise would fit into an entire GT, and what else would show up.

The results were quite fascinating.  The main things I'm interested in this month are an appointment for my elder son regarding a surgery we think he needs to have, and my work.  I laid the GT on a reading cloth I made myself (cheap silk scarf and a coloured sharpie).  There were two "flows" in the GT, and both flows were useful.  One could be taken from Scythe (for surgery) or from Anchor (for work), with different interpretations, with a total of 21 cards and houses.  The other could be taken from Tree (for health), with a total of 12 cards and houses included.  Finally, there was one pair - Dog on Clouds and Clouds on Dog - and a singleton - Snake on Snake.

I interpreted the Scythe/Anchor flow very differently for the two subject areas.  For instance, in the Scythe flow, the Ship suggested delays due to people going on holiday, while in the Anchor flow it spoke of my life's path, and a business trip abroad which is coming up.  And interestingly, there were a lot of similar combinations to the earlier reading around the project I want to work on more.  As for the Tree flow, it highlighted the difficulty of making the decision about this surgery - what will be best for my son's health?  It will require talking things through with the surgeon, my DH, and possibly other members of the extended family, and taking into account both rational arguments and our feelings about the whole thing.

Another way of looking at a GT which I like is to focus on the nine squares around the cards that most interest you.  For the surgery, seems like talking with the surgeon might bring an end to arguments about my son's illness and whether this operation would help.  However, the warning about holiday breaks causing delays brings the recommendation to make sure we get any guidance in writing as soon as possible.

In the traditional way of reading a GT, people look at what lies between the Man and Woman to assess the state of their relationship.  Here, the Man was the first card laid, and the Woman was the last.  While this could be taken to say that everything lies between us at the moment, so much going on that it gets in the way, another perspective is possible.  Given the way you can count around a GT, it means that the last card leads straight back to the first.  So, we are not separated by anything at all - it's all in the perspective we choose!  I liked that :)

Another thing this reading brought up is the question of whether you should re-do a GT if the relevant person card is right at the outside edge of a reading.  While some say that this means the reading will only talk about the woman's thoughts, and about the past, I take a more unified view of readings in any case.  Having stated the timeframe as being about this month, the past/present question isn't an issue.  And seeing as I always look at things from a psychological perspective, it's fine just to look at my thoughts, they are how I filter everything anyway ;)

The reading brought up some interesting questions and suggestions around the two fields that most interested me.  And it proved to me that the previous technique I used would be a good exercise to teach before starting on the GT.  Win-win!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Lenormand Reading On A Specific Question

Last night, my DH was out for the evening, so I spent some time watching Lenormand videos from Malkiel Rouven Dietrich.  Although I believe he has a few in English, most of them are in German.  And it was in one of those that I saw an interesting reading idea, which I decided to try out using the Under the Roses (US Games, 2014) and the Marseille mini (Zebrowski, 2013).

The basic idea is to use a Grand Tableau reading cloth, or a second deck, as the base.  Then, you choose the significator for your reading, depending on what the reading is about.  For my reading, I chose the Book (the Journal in the Under the Roses), as it is a large project I am working on.  Then, you start drawing cards from a shuffled deck.

The first card goes on the "house" of the significator, and the next card goes on the house of the first card.  So, in my example, I got Mice on the house of Book (Journal), followed by Tree on the house of Mice.  You carry on in this way until you draw the "significator" from your shuffled deck.  In my case, this was four cards from the end of the deck, so my reading ended up being large - 32 cards and houses!  In the example Malkiel gave, he ended up with just 8 cards drawn, but that's the nature of this reading, it can vary a lot.

All the cards are read in combination with the house they land on, and in relation to the original question/significator.  The main thing this reading highlighted for me was my motivation for getting involved in this project.  And in terms of the cards, what I found most interesting was the difference between reading traditionally/predictively, and reading in a more empowering way.

The full reading
Close to the end of the reading, I had Fox in the house of Bear, Snake in the house of Fox, and Ship in the house of Snake.  A predictive reader would suggest a need to beware of a deceitful manager, who is a foreign woman, or who is deceiving a foreign woman.  However, at a more empowering level I saw this saying that I need to bring my managerial skills (Bear/Fox) to the fore, as well as marketing skills (Fox/Snake), and keep in mind particularly the female market abroad (Snake/Ship).  It could be that, rather than trying to do it all myself, I could look for a manager/mentor (Bear) who has those skills.  Either way, it is about what I can best do to move this project forward.

According to the idea that we draw to us what we think about, I could almost certainly find a deceitful foreign woman in a position of power if I kept an eye out for that.  And some people would say that forewarned is forearmed.  Still, I find it more helpful to think about what skills I need to show or look for in others, what actions I can take.  That deceitful woman might well be out there and try to undermine me, but rather than looking for her, I look for what I can do to help me overcome obstacles that such a person might put in my way.  And those skills will be of use, whether that woman is out there or not.  So, I'm not focusing on "her", rather on what I have potential control over, and what I can positively do, rather than negatively react to.

As I see it, this isn't denying that there are negative situations and people in life.  Instead, it is focusing on what I can do to preempt these.  It is how I can most empower myself, and where I can target my attention and actions, rather than focusing on what problems might arise.  After all, I don't need to go borrowing trouble or worrying about maybe's, I need to see what I can do to try to achieve the best possible outcome.

Now, with that intention set, it's time to get back to work...