Monday, 23 February 2015

Weekend Altar

My messy altar
Taking a photo of my altar, I'm reminded that I really should spend some more time at it, and tidying it. In another photo I took, you can see the lint on the cloth over it!  And some of those readings have been sat there a while, with no intent put into them.  I really need to rededicate my altar, but not today…

My reading for the weekend was with the Celtic Lenormand (US Games, 2015):  Chickens, Stars, Oak Tree.  My first reading of this was about my MIL (Chickens representing the Mother aspect of the Goddess) needing some guidance (spoken guidance - Chickens/Stars) around health questions when she was over on Saturday.  She did talk to my DH about some health issues, and he gave her some advice, all while I wasn't even there.  So, it wasn't me influencing the outcome :)

And while that wasn't wrong, what came up much more strongly for me was the message that clear communication is vital to the health of a relationship - that between me and my DH.  We had a fight Saturday morning, mainly due to being tired and grumpy from the kids being ill, I think.  Between this and another reading, I was reminded that I love him and that good communication is the cornerstone of any relationship.  So, I released my anger and went to talk with him.

This also put me in mind of another, slightly different reading: healthy communication comes through spiritual clarity.  In this, the focus is on me, rather than the relationship, and how taking time with my cards helped me gain the clarity that then led to healthy communication :)

Just shows, as well, the many layers of meaning in even a little three card reading!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Nursery Draw

Things have been really busy, and I've hardly done any draws for myself beyond the occasional one card draw.  Still, today, with a brand-new deck in hand, I couldn't resist asking about the nursery we're going to visit for my younger son.  From the Celtic Lenormand (US Games, 2015):

Key, Hill Fort (Tower), Fox
Well, these cards seem positive - an institution for insight and skills!  Perhaps also a warning to check in with our instincts, rather than just listening to the smooth-talking of the manager.  The clarity to see it for what it is offered by the Key helps me believe we'll be able to get the information we need :)