Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Brigid ZIA

A few weeks ago, I got back into doodling/zentangling.  I can't really call this zentangle, as I go off on my own thing rather too often :D  Still, I really enjoyed doing this piece, dedicated to Brigid.

The B is supposed to represent flames, the fire of creativity.  Didn't work out that clearly once coloured in.  The R is candles lit in dedication.  The first I is feathers, for the quills used to write poetry.  The G is triskelions, signs of the triple Goddess.  The second I is raspberries and raspberry leaves - used in healing after childbirth.  The D is meant to be molten lava, with darker lumps of cooled lava rock, and brighter slits where the crust gapes as the lava flows - also didn't work very well, especially as my "red" sharpie wasn't.  Finally, the only bit of true zentangle, fan shapes around.  I'd originally thought to do watercolour pencils in blue, but decided it might make it a bit heavy.

While not great art, I shall keep it on my altar for beltane :)

Friday, 17 April 2015

Sidhe Stone

Sidhe stone, with a feather and a husk
Following on from my reading earlier in the week, I spent some time looking through Emily Carding's Faery Craft (Llewellyn, 2012).  One thing she said which sounded good to me was to create a faery altar around some physical focus.  She suggests various exercises throughout the book, many of which are about going out in nature and being open to signs from faery.

So, I went out, and found a stone that called to me.  It cradles nicely in my hand, to hold as a meditation focus.  And I can tuck it away easily, as I can't really keep a faery ring in the garden - the boys would trample it.

The next day, I painted the stone with a Sidhe symbol, the one that Emily Carding uses on all the Majors in her Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer, 2010).  Using a gold/yellow gel pen, the colour Emily associates with the element of Air, I think it works quite well.  And so, my stone represents the two elementals I pulled in that draw - Earth and Air :)

I've also been thinking about singing.  I love chanting, but sanskrit chants just feel wrong when trying to connect to faery.  Instead, I've been singing "What A Wonderful World".  I never really paid attention to the lyrics before.  It talks about trees, roses, blue skies, clouds, rainbows, children, and tolerance, as well as mentioning "bright blessed day, and dark sacred night".

This is a good way for me to make an offering to faery, as it also keeps my toddler amused while we sit out in the garden.  He does love singing :D  He loves the garden, too, a little fae himself, perhaps!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Reconnecting With Faery

Having just received my copy of the Wings of Change Lenormand (McCracken & Arena, 2015), this seemed like the perfect time to reconnect with faery.  My faery altar got packed away when we moved house, and then the space I used for it got repurposed as a general altar, as my sacred space is split at the moment.  So, I haven't had a faery altar for a year and suddenly, perhaps with the coming of spring, feel the lack.

So, I asked my cards what I can practically do to reconnect with faery.  I decided to draw a line of seven (faery number), and to shape it like a flame, as fire is the element of action and inspiration.

Earth, Man, Snake, Lily, House, Stork, Air

This deck has four elemental cards, and two of them came up in this reading, framing the other cards!  Reading this as a line gives me, logical practicality for boundaried actions bring a peaceful transformation.  Meditating on a sense of home brings progress in the feeling of comfort, and inspiration in how to move forward.

What I get from that is the idea that I do need to be both rational and practical about this, and acknowledge how much I can actually do.  If I make big plans, I probably won't stick to them, so I have to keep it real!  What I can do is make a space in my home again for the Sidhe, and dedicate at least a little time to it daily.  I need to make it feel like somewhere they would like to spend time, and add to it regularly.

It's interesting how looking at the mirror cards puts Earth and Air together, once again practical and rational both.  Man and Stork is action to move things forward, and Snake and House is transformation of my sacred space.  Meditation in the Lily crowns it all.  So, not just about making the sacred space, but also about meditating there.

I wonder whether I could set something up in the garden, as we have a little bench under the shed's roof, where I could sit even if it was raining…  Or is that not practical enough?