Code of Ethics

My readings will always endeavour to empower you, the client, giving you a different perspective on your situation to help you explore how best to move forward positively.
I will always treat everyone with equal respect, integrity and honesty, remaining open-minded and non-judgemental.

I will refer clients to appropriate professionals or services if what you ask goes beyond my remit - I cannot answer medical or legal questions, for example.

All readings are confidential between myself and the client.  I will never use or sell your details for marketing purposes without express permission.

Fees are agreed on before a reading.  I will endeavour to complete all readings within three days of the request, and if unable to do so I will refund your money.  In the case of my having to withdraw from a reading, I will do so tactfully and refund your money.

I will not knowingly read for anyone under 18 without permission from their parent or guardian.

You are always the focus of the reading.  Questions about third parties will be declined or rephrased.  For example, if asked: "What does my husband need to do now?" I might rephrase as "How can (the client) best help her husband now?".  If asked: "Why is my daughter not talking to me?" I might rephrase as "What does (the client) need to know about communication between her and her daughter?" or "How can (the client) communicate better with her daughter?"