Tarot Spells

Cards from the Llewellyn Tarot (Llewellyn, 2006)
Feeling heartbroken?  Or having trouble at work?  Perhaps you'd just like to get a bit more clarity on where to go next...  Or meet your soulmate?

Tarot spells can be a great way to work towards your heart's desire.  In consultation, we will design a tarot spell together that should be used daily for a fortnight.

Not only will we determine which tarot cards best suit your purpose, I will provide you with a pdf of the cards that you can print and use as a centrepiece to your spell work.  In addition, I suggest which candles, incense, runes and gemstones will boost the power of the spell.  I also provide affirmations to help cement the change you want, and guidance on using the spell.  The bigger the issue, the longer it may take to change, so you may need to repeat the spell over several months.

As a start-up promotion, I will be offering these spells half-price throughout July, just £10, so why not give it a go!